Goddard College Admissions Process: Overview

Goddard College offers intensive, low-residency bachelor’s and master’s degrees in creative writing, education, health arts & sciences, individualized studies, interdisciplinary arts, psychology & counseling, and sustainability.

Applicants to Goddard’s programs should demonstrate competency in critical and reflective thinking and writing skills documented in application essays, transcripts from previously completed studies, and letters of recommendation from former professors, colleagues, business associates, or others who can speak to the applicant’s readiness to engage in and complete self-directed study.

Test scores (such as SATs, GREs, etc.) have not been required at Goddard since the 1950s. Each program has distinct application requirements and questions; this ensures preparedness for the specific degree program, as well as, for certain programs, after graduation into the professional fields.

Candidates for admissions to all programs are required to submit admissions materials in English; students are required to demonstrate college-level skills in English-language speaking and writing in all program activities. TOEFL testing is not required. In addition, Goddard advises all students of the minimum computer requirements that must be met to maintain active links to programs and administrative offices. (Get detailed instructions on how to apply to undergraduate and graduate programs)

Admission counselors assigned to specific programs are available to guide applicants through the process. Program directors and/or designated faculty review completed applications and make the admissions decision.

The day-to-day operations of the Admissions Office are guided by best practices outlined by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). These guidelines help ensure ethical standards are met with regard to the equitable review of applications, privacy, communication of essential programmatic and financial information, and correct academic placement when transfer credit is forthcoming.

Contact the Admissions Office

Goddard College Admissions Office
1-800-906-8312 (toll free)
802-454-8311(local Vermont)
802-454-1029 (fax)
123 Pitkin Road
Plainfield, Vermont 05667